Just poems.

I sting like a scorpion.

I sting like a scorpion,

Sharpened, unheard, transferred,

Like the scorpion, I sting in the nerve,

I tend to hit targets who always deserve,

A sting from my tail that I always preserve,

For those who’ve harmed my son, I will disturb.

By spreading the truths, the deeds, and the words,

And it will remain to those who’ve come to observe,

Such are dirty tactics shelled out to a lad so undeserved,

Who to a number of disabilities were caused and occurred.


A Cryptic clue.

A Cryptic clue,

So, how do you do?

Apart from the crypt,

It is written in the script,

Have you come equipped?

Or do you need equipping?

Is the equipment slipping?

Be it raining or dripping,

Toenails need clipping,

The clue is ‘whipped’.

Cryptically snipped.


When I play the ukalaylee.

When I play the ukalaylee,

I tend to strum & play daily,

Some say it’s out of tune,

But it ain’t on a full moon.

In fact, its quite ripen,

When light is brightened.

The other half of the moon

I tie it with a balloon,

Helium & delirium,

Floats high so high,

and I wonder why?


Darkest web.

Oh, the darkest web,

guide me to the altar,

The Grimoire book of spells,

Alter kiss and tells,

Coldren a brewing,

Bats & rats begin on stewing,

Be them done well,

Or them underdone,

No stone will be left unturned,

For those who churned,

The milk into the gutter.


Not just a pretty face.

I’m not just a pretty face so they say,

I’m also very very smart by the way,

So if you say duck I say dart,

One hundred and eighty,

Jackpot tart.

All the aces and no heart,

That is just for a start,

Some people are born smart from a shore,

It is all guaranteed genetically hardcore.


My Fix.

I’ve had my fix,



Marshmallows on sticks.



Tongue in cheek,


Keeps me going for a week.


I seem to vanish.

I seem to vanish,

No-one else can see,

I choose to banish,

If you look too closely,

I’m not phased at all,

No praise needed,

For I have succeeded,

Undergrowth weeded,

Revealing partially,

In harmony.


Violets are red.

When violets are red,

It’s nothing to dread,

So simple so striking,

Holding their head,

In the battering wind,

The seed of red sinned,

With a grin beamed,

The uncleanly cleaned,

Deed cannot be undone,

Swallowing so slowly,

It was all just some fun.


Let there be light.

Let there be light,

To light up the darkest alley,

Let it shine on fright night,

On 31st October,

There is a ghastly ghost rally,

Ghosts in drag cart race,

Give it chase.

On Hairpin Corner,

Stands the yawner.

Who flags them down,

In the Ghost town.


Battleship Kayla.

Battleship Kayla,

The torpedo impaler,

Over wall scaler,

Sinking ships quickly,

Resilience conspicuous,

Verges on the meticulous,

When vexed into action,

Complexion is Ashen,

Impending decision,

Frankly, transmits,

All those it has missed.

The best statistics,

For it is coming to port,

Applying all resource,

Morse code clause.

Bemusement pending.

Situation attending.


Situation Occurring.

Situation occurring.

boiled water curling,

Shaken not stirring,

So to sanitize,

Lies of spies,




Until properly cleansed,

Decontamination Trend,

Of the situation to amend,


Elbow bending,





Do not play silly games.

Do not play silly games

with those that can aim,

or continue to blame,

All are the same,

Arrow to a flame,

Liars who start the fires,

Inspire the flaming pyres,

Wanderlust burners burn,

For all, it may concern,

To rectify the damage,

Or be receiving homage,

For causing rampage,

Unnecessary actions,

Form investigations.

For the creations,

of trial & tribulations.